I'm Wild About Belize!

Are You?

What is the size and geography of Belize?

Consisting of approximately 9,000 square miles, it is a country close to the size of the state of Massachusetts. With the Caribbean Sea being the eastern border, Belize has an extensive low-lying coastal plain, with the elevation and topography changing as you travel west. The country is traversed at the midsection by the Maya Mountains, the highest point being 4020 feet above sea level. Visitors to our wonderfully natural Belize will find two countries in one: Offshore and along the coast is a true but unique Caribbean, a blue-green world of picturesque mangrove and coral islands, a variety of fringing reefs, a nearly continuous barrier reef groomed with a multitude of pristine islands with beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see and three huge atolls on the outside of the reef normally seen only on postcards. These islands (locally known as cayes) possess some of the most comfortable and luxurious hotel and resorts in the Caribbean. Within the jungle interior, visitors will encounter many striking vestiges of the ancient Maya civilization, pine-clad mountains, slow and fast moving rivers, majestic waterfalls, placid lagoons, dense tropical forest, yawning caves and caverns, and panoramic grasslands.


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