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Recognize and Honor the Stars of Tourism

Nominate by midnight April 14th, 2010 for the 10th Annual National
Tourism Awards

The Belize Tourism Board welcomes your nomination for the 10th Annual National Tourism Awards. If you were impressed by the quality of service you received in any of the following categories, we encourage you to do your part to ensure that excellence receives the recognition it deserves.

Deadline for nomination is midnight April 14th, 2010.


* Minister’s Award
* Lifetime Achievement Award
* Corporate Organization of the Year
* Education Award of the Year
* Environmental Organization of the Year
* Receptive Service of the Year
* Hotel of the Year
* Restaurant of the Year
* Small Hotel of the Year
* Tour Operator of the Year
* Tour Guide of the Year
* Frontline Person of the Year
* Cultural Award of the Year
* Small Vendor of the Year

Judging Process:
The Belize Tourism Board ensures that the judging process is fair and credible. After all nominations are received, the top four organizations in each category will be placed on our website. You will get another opportunity to provide feedback by being able to vote for your favorite in each category. Representatives of the BTB’s Board and management team will select a panel of judges comprised of representatives from the tourism industry (both private and public sector). The identities of the judges are kept confidential.
The two highest votes in each category are then presented to the judging panels and nominees are assessed on how well they meet the award criteria. These semi-finalists are then further reviewed, and may even be subject to site visits or interviews. The panel of judges then confers and picks the winner for each category.

To submit a nomination to the Belize Tourism Board click here


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