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What is the size and geography of Belize?

Consisting of approximately 9,000 square miles, it is a country close to the size of the state of Massachusetts. With the Caribbean Sea being the eastern border, Belize has an extensive low-lying coastal plain, with the elevation and topography changing as you travel west. The country is traversed at the midsection by the Maya Mountains, the highest point being 4020 feet above sea level. Visitors to our wonderfully natural Belize will find two countries in one: Offshore and along the coast is a true but unique Caribbean, a blue-green world of picturesque mangrove and coral islands, a variety of fringing reefs, a nearly continuous barrier reef groomed with a multitude of pristine islands with beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see and three huge atolls on the outside of the reef normally seen only on postcards. These islands (locally known as cayes) possess some of the most comfortable and luxurious hotel and resorts in the Caribbean. Within the jungle interior, visitors will encounter many striking vestiges of the ancient Maya civilization, pine-clad mountains, slow and fast moving rivers, majestic waterfalls, placid lagoons, dense tropical forest, yawning caves and caverns, and panoramic grasslands.


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Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

Spectacular natural attractions and the excitement of discovering Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret draw travelers from around the globe, promising both relaxation and the richly rewarding authenticity they seek in a genuine Caribbean getaway. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America, Belize is one of the few remaining unspoiled places on earth.

Come enjoy: * The longest barrier reef in this hemisphere, home to the Great Blue Hole, hundreds of islands, snorkel and dive locations. * Hundreds of ancient Maya sites both excavated and jungle-covered. * Lush tropical rainforest with many species of birds, and exotic tropical flora and fauna.

Over ten friendly, English-speaking and diverse cultures of Belize invite you to share our natural and cultural heritage served with warm Belizean hospitality as we share delicious local dishes, colorful arts and crafts, foot-tapping music, and local traditions; guide you on bird-watching treks, river kayaking trips and cave-tubing expeditions; lead you through coral gardens on a scuba-dive or hold your hand on your first snorkel excursion; climb with you on the highest Maya temple of Belize or share the artifacts in our museums and pamper you at a spa or fine restaurant as you quietly relax.

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Beautiful Sunny Belize

No more than two hours from 3 gateways in the United States, and just a short hop from Mexico, getting to Belize is painless. With the right planning and preparation your visits, tours and excursions around the country can be just as simple. Every destination in Belize has its share of archaeological and national parks, marine and nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries. Each of these protected areas is packed with opportunities for adventure. Maya temples tower above rainforest canopies while an incredibly colorful array of marine wildlife find protection in Belize’s Great Barrier Reef. For the outdoor enthusiast, Belize presents unlimited opportunities. You might say that Belize is the outdoors. You will find diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and exploring nature at its best. Join us and Vacation in Belize!

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Come experience the wonders of the last wild place on earth!

Belize has been an independent nation since 1981. Formerly British Honduras, Belize has a rich history starting with the great Maya civilization through pirates, buccaneers and slavery, to modern day Independence and democracy. Our history has awarded us with numerous public and bank holidays: March – 9 Baron Bliss Day, September.-10 St. George’s Caye Day, September.-21 Independence Day, October.-12 Pan American Day, and November.-19 Garifuna Settlement Day.

Belize enjoys a subtropical climate with brisk prevailing winds from the Caribbean Sea. Temperatures average between the 70’s to the 90’s with temperatures dropping into the mid-60’s during the evenings in our winter months (December – March). The green season in Belize runs from July through to November.

While there is no ’’typical Belizean ‘’, about 60% of the population call themselves ‘’Creoles’’, which refers to a degree of African and English ancestry. The Creole language spoken in a singsong dialect. The original Belizeans were the indigenous Maya, who settled here as early as 2000 B.C. Isolation from other groups has kept the Maya bloodline pure in many scattered villages throughout the country. Today, there are three language groups of Maya living in Belize, the Mopan Mayan, the Kekchi Maya, and the Yucateca Maya. Usually speaking both Spanish and English, they provide the Central American feel to inland Belize. The balance now appears to be shifting towards the Hispanic and Mestizos populations. Additionally, the indigenous Maya have a strong presence in most rural areas of the country, with the Garifuna people settled mainly along the southern coastline. Now add to the mix, Indians (from India), Koreans, Chinese, Europeans, Americans and immigrants from the Caribbean and Central America and you have some idea of the human melting pot that is modern Belize. With a population of almost 250,000, there is plenty of room for all to enjoy.cullykayak3

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